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Dept. of EEE. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, University of Miyazaki

1-1 Gakuen Kibanadai-nishi, Miyazaki-city, 889-2192, Japan

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Last Update 2009.6.29

width="10" General Information
width="10" Outline
width="10" Education: We educate you by using Japanese.
width="10" Flow of educational program [PDF]
width="10" Courses and Laboratories
width="10" Physical Electronics Course
width="10" Physics Electronics Materials Laboratory
width="10" Photonics Application Laboratory (J)
width="10" Electronic System Course
width="10" Center for Integration Technology Laboratory (J)
width="10" Circuits and Systems Laboratory (J)
width="10" Information Communication Laboratory (J)
width="10" Electrical Energy Course
width="10" Automatic Control Laboratory (J)
width="10" Electric Power Laboratory
width="10" Electric Power System Laboratory
width="10" Laser Engineering Laboratory (J)
width="10" Links
width="10" University of Miyazaki Home Page
width="10" Faculty of Engineering Home Page
width="10" Information Processing Center Home Page
width="10" University library Home Page

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