First Step: Day 1 in Miyazaki

Miyazaki is in South east Kyushu. The climate is very hot in summer and the sun is very strong. In Winter, it hardly ever snows. Miyazaki is blessed with beautiful nature and you will be able to appreciate the changing seasons. There are magnificent beaches with a lot of surfers. On clear days, you can get a wonderful panoramic ocean view from the UOM Lecture Building. Far from the madding crowds of big cities like Tokyo or Osaka, you will be able to concentrate on studying in a peaceful environment.

In addition, agriculture thrives, so you can eat delicious home-grown rice, vegetables, fruit, locally produced meat, and sea foods, and Hiyashiru and Chicken Nanban are famous Miyazaki specialties.

There are also a lot of places, such as Takachiho-kyo, Aoshima, and Toi-misaki, which we recommend you visit. You will be able to appreciate the beauty of nature and be refreshed after studying. Several professional baseball and soccer teams hold training camps in Miyazaki and many people come to see them in action. (For further information check Miyazaki Prefecture Tourist information: Miyazaki Prefecture Tourist Infomation )

When you arrive at Miyazaki Airportc
Welcome to Miyazaki! Our staff members or your student mentor will pick you up at Miyazaki Airport. Throughout your stay, you will have the support of a Miyazaki University student mentor, specially chosen for her/ his interest in our Student Exchange program and participants.

From the airport to the University of Miyazaki is about a fifteen minute drive. Have a good time with them!

When you need support
Every international student has their own personal tutor to help them with their daily lives (The tutors are the Japanese students who want to learn more about the international students and make friends with them.) If there are things you don't know, feel free to ask your tutor! He/she will be glad to help you out, since he/she will be your very first friend in Miyazaki.

1) Your Mentor
Your Mentor will offer you advice about your classes and projects, so, please tell her/ him what you want to learn at the University of Miyazaki and what you want to research.

2) Student Tutors
Sometimes you may have a question about Japanese students' daily or academic life. You might be confused about something. Don't hesitate to ask your Student Tutor! She/ He will answer your question willingly. It will be a good opportunity for you to get to know each other.

3) Japanese Counseling Room
The Japanese Counseling Room is a place where you can talk or ask about your school/daily lives. Japanese students often come and have lunch with international students as well. If you have anything that you want to talk about or share with others, please feel free to come.

4) Global Support Office (GSO), Center for International Relations
GSO staff will support you in all the basics of your daily life in Miyazaki. Whenever you have a question, just ask!
(For further information check GSO:

Other people at the University of Miyazaki will also be pleased to talk with you.

Q & A

Q: Where can I buy daily necessities?

For food, MaxValu is a five minute walk from the UOM dormitory.

Medicines are available at Cosmos, accessible by bus or car.

Clothes and daily goods are available at shopping centers, such as AEON Mall, Miyako City and Cross Mall, accessible by bus or car.

Beds, desks and chairs are provided in each dormitory room. Some recycled furniture from previous exchange students may also be available.

Q: How much do we pay for accommodation and utilities?

A: Accommodation is 4,700 yen per month, in addition to which you are required to pay about 7,000 yen per month for utilities. And as a general rule, the period of residence is one year.

Q: What will my overall monthly living expenses be?

A: On average, UOM exchange students spend 40,000 to 60,000 yen. (including food, accommodation and utilities.)

Q: What about mobile phones and Internet use?

A: Most students take out year-long Softbank contracts for mobile phones, and go through Sun-net for the Internet.

Q: What events are held in the dormitory?

A: gThere are many events for foreign students such as a cooking festival, a Japanese speech contest and an exchange meeting with elementary students.h )

Q: What is the University of Miyazaki dormitory like?
Here are what some of UOMfs foreign exchange students have to say:

EhWhen I came to Miyazaki for the first time, it took much time to clean my dorm. However, I feel comfortable for living here. h(Student from Korea)

EhEquipment are perfect and comfortable. It is convenient for me to buy food because the dormitory is near to a shopping center. Moreover, I can communicate with many foreign students and have a good time with them.h (Student from China)

EhThere are many opportunities to communicate with not only Japanese students but also foreign students. In addition, there are people who help me when I have trouble.h (Student from Taiwan)

EhThe dorm is a little small but it is convenient for me to go shopping to buy food. Moreover, I can concentrate on my studying because of a quiet environment. h(Student from Kazakhstan)

EhThe dormitory is very lonely at times, but fortunately is very cheap. The rooms are large enough, and each room has it's own washroom with toilet. The kitchen and laundry rooms are shared between each floor's tenants, as are the private bathrooms (5 per floor). Each week the floor is cleaned and everyone makes an effort to keep the dormitory as clean as they can, however I believe it still isn't clean enough at times. Fortunately, it is very quiet and I am never disturbed in my sleep. (Student from America)h

E"We can meet not only Japanese, but also people from other countries as well in the dorm, and I think it's really nice!
Though Miyazaki is country-side and the life here is simple, I think it's good to hang out in the nature as well. For school life, because I didn't join any school clubs, so I had pretty much free time of my own. However, even though I have plenty of free time, it is good because I can do the things that I like on my own. (Yamu from Malaysia)"

E"In the dorm we all have our own single room and this is really convenient! Also it's possible to make friends with other international students in the kitchen/dining room and I think that's really good!
Currently I'm taking both international students' Japanese courses and regular courses. And since there are many Japanese students who want to make friends with international students, and also because they've all been really kind to me, that really made my life here easier. (Hyunjin from Korea)"

E"Though at the begining the life in the dorm was hard, but it got better gradually. At the beginning, I didn't have much communication with other friends, but after awhile, I started to make more friends and this situation was changed. EEAlso, since I have my own room, I can arrange it in the way I want which is pretty good.
Because I had lived in Kyoto for one year, it was hard for me to get used to the life in Miyazaki at first. Though I'm still in Japan, the life here at Miyazaki and Kyoto are totally different. At first, I couldn't really get used to the lay back life style here in Miyazaki, however, after meeting many new freinds here, my thought has changed.
Even though I'm used to Miyazaki life now already, there are still many things that are inconvenient here. For example, there aren't any malls nor commercial areas around the school, and this is tough.
Moreover, it's also inconvenient to commute to Miyazaki City. Although it is incovenient if you can't drive, but luckily there are public transportation which will take you there. (Pau from Spain)"