Off-campus life


There's a supermarket near to the University of Miyazaki which opens 24/7, so there won't be problems getting yourself the daily necessities you need. (Information regarding the supermarket will be listed in part 2 under: "Daily Necessities".)
However, if you wish to go somewhere further, people usually go by train, bus, motorcycle, or car. Some international students, do part-time jobs for the purpose of buying a motorcycle or a car.

This is the most common public transportation used by international students without motorcycles or cars. Though the fare is a little expensive, it takes you to the main shopping streets. There is a convenient bus stop on the campus too. During weekends and national holidays, there's a "One Coin Pass" ticket allowing you to take the bus as many times as you wish within the day and still costing you only 500 Yen.
("One Coin Pass" can be purchased at Family Mart or other convenient stores, or the bookstore.)

Kibana Station islocated east of the univesity and roughly 20`30 minutes walk away. Though trains are infrequent, with not even one an hour at times, the fare is cheaper than the bus, but it's still a good idea to plan your travel arrangement to avoid waiting.

(1)Daily supplies:
*Max Value is a supermarket located near UOM. Open 24/7, selling food and other daily supplies. There is also a 100 yen shop inside the supermarket, a coin laundry and family restaurant right next door.
Even though the university location might seem a bit out in the wilds, what you need for daily life is all within easy reach.

iMax Value etcj

*Cross Mall is a 30 minute bicycle or bus ride (320 yen one way fare with) a supermarket, pharmacy, bookstore, 100 yen shop, home center and other shops.

iCross mall, Kiyotakej

*Cosmos is a drugstore with two branches: Hongo and Kiyotake, both about 30 minutes away, but the Kiyotake shop has a wider choice of goods.

*DeoDeo, Kojima and Yamada sell electrical appliances. However they are somewhat far from the university, but you can go by bus, ask tutor to drive you or shop on the Internet.

(2)Clothes and miscellaneous goods:

*Aeon mall is definitely the place to shop, whether for clothes, sports goods, books and there is a cinema. Aeon is popular among UOM students and is a 40 minutes drive or about an hour by bus (with one transfer).
*Miyako City is the bus terminal from where you can continue your trip to places in Miyazaki or other prefectures. There are also general stores. And itfs a 30 minutes drive or bus ride for around 500 yen, one way.
*BonBelta and Yamakataya, are relatively up-scale department stores downtown with brand name concessions, and other goods.

Ichibangai shopping street nearby is, full of Japanese bars serving local and traditional Japanese cuisine.