Course details

There is significant demand for medical researchers at a variety of national research institutes and organizations and for veterinarian researchers at veterinary research bodies operated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The Training Course for Researchers in Medical and Veterinary Science is designed to equip researchers with a comprehensive range of research skills required not only in molecular biology and biochemistry but also “whole body” biology (namely, animal experimentation). Researchers equipped with such a comprehensive range of research skills are in considerable demand in industry, and employment opportunities at private research centers are expected to increase.

Special demand outlook for leading veterinarian professionals

There is an increasing public expectation with regards to the specialist standards and research skills of leading veterinarian professionals engaged at facilities such as animal hospitals, zoos and aquariums (clinical skills for both small and large animals) as well as local and national government bodies such as health centers, JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperative) medical institutions and livestock experimental stations. As such, it is envisaged that there will be considerable demand for veterinarians with advanced medical skills and a strong research focus.

Academic degree

The Training Course for Researchers in Medical and Veterinary Science is designed to produce medical and veterinarian research specialists capable of performing research and education at the international level.

The course represents the core of graduate school education in this school. The course work is designed to enable systematic learning of multiple subjects in order to acquire a broad knowledge base encompassing both medical and veterinary sciences, which is required for each researcher to become a well-established researcher or educator, as well as research techniques and research skills necessary for conducting research, such as the ability to plan well designed experiments.

Degree: Doctorate (medical science) or Doctorate (veterinary science)

Education program

The Training Course for Researchers in Medical and Veterinary Science involves experimentation and research under the instruction of multiple supervisors (a main supervisor and two sub-supervisors) and is designed to equip trainees with the skills necessary for the autonomous pursuit of cutting-edge medical and veterinary research through participation in laboratory seminars, presentations at academic conferences, and the writing of academic papers.

The general research component promotes systematic acquisition of knowledge required for research in medical and veterinary fields. The special research component nurtures the skills and qualities expected of independent and autonomous researchers and provides a broad knowledge base together with experimental techniques used for research in each specialist field. The research teaching component covers specific topics in the respective specialist fields as the basis for preparation of the doctoral dissertation.