Purpose of Institution

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Agriculture and Engineering

The University of Miyazaki is expanding its characteristic education and research in the interdisciplinary fields of bioscience and environment science flexibly and in various directions. The Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Agriculture and Engineering, founded on the academic disciplines of agriculture and engineering and achievements gained through cooperation between them, aims at educating advanced technical specialists who will contribute to a technology and knowledge-based society. This will deepen and enrich the integrated education and research field which combine agriculture and engineering and fulfill the integrated power of judgment based on breadth of knowledge.

By effectively training our human resources, it will contribute to solve a pressing task in the 21st century involving development of sustainable production systems, the maintenance of social infrastructure necessary for sustainable communities, the development of new functional food working in collaboration with functions of animals, plants and microorganisms, the conversion from biomass in the community to useful energy-rich materials, the creation of functional materials employing nanotechnology, the application and conversion of technology for environmentally-friendly energy, energy saving, the development of highly-computerized production technology and the development of information processing system utilizing high-quality software.