Academic Calendar and National holidays

[Academic Calendar]

An academic year starts on the 1st of April and ends on the 31st of March the following year.

First Semester :April 1 to September 30

Second Semester :October 1 to March 31


Academic Advisor and Tutor

To whom should you consult when you feel uneasy or have some questions about life and study in Japan? You can talk to your academic advisor or a tutor as well as your friends.

[Academic advisor]

[Tutor] In addition to these, there are the Student Affairs Section and the Registrar's Office of the faculty which help you in your study and life at Miyazaki University.

Scholarship for International Students

There are several approach to support your stay in Japan, i.e., the Scholarship. The following are the major of them. To know more detail please consult with the Foreign-Student-Office of the Student Affairs Section of Miyazaki University.

(A) Japanese Government Scholarship

A-1: Application Procedure

This includes the following two types. Please take aware of that the ways of application are different between them.

Type 1: Application through the Foreign Embassy of your country

The Japanese government ask the foreign embassy in Japan to recommend applicants. In this case, the foreign embassy does the selection through (a)documents, (b)examinations, and (c)interview, and finally recommends the applicants. The final selection will be done by the Japanese Government. To know more detail, please ask the Japanese Embassy at your country.

Type 2: Application through nomination by Miyazaki University

Two cases are available:

Case 1: For the new students to the Graduate School in accordance with the academic

exchange program between Miyazaki and your universities:

The Japanese university can make recommendation to the Japanese Ministry of Education in case that you gain excellent performance and need scholarship. In this case the final decision will be done by the Japanese Government.

Case 2: For the privately financed international students who are already studying at the Graduate School, or at the final grade of bachelor's course of Miyazaki University:

In this case, the Japanese university can make selection and recommendation among such students in case 2 to the Japanese Ministry of Education. The final decision will be done by the Japanese Government.

A-2: Categories and Stipend of Japanese Government Scholarship

In case when you submit a order form of the Japanese Government Scholarship by 5th of each month, you will receive the stipend to that month. The amount of stipend is, \185,500/month for research student, and \142,500/month for undergraduate student.

Fees of tuition, enrollment and entrance examination are covered by the Japanese Ministry of Education.

When you are out of Japan from the 1st day to the last day of the same month, the stipend will not be paid for that month.

A-3: Extension of Scholarship Tenure

In case when your scholarship tenure is about to expire and you want to extend it, it is possible to apply for an extension of your scholarship. This application is usually done on every December. To know more detail, please consult with the Foreign-Student-Office of the Student Affairs Section of Miyazaki University.

The extension is decided by the Japanese Ministry of Education after careful selection. But, please notice that not all the applications for extension are accepted. And therefore you should proceed concurrently the process of return back to your country, or to become a privately financed international student.

(B)Other Scholarship Foundations

About 80 of private institutions provide scholarship foundations in Japan. Two ways of application exist, i.e., applying privately or through nomination by Miyazaki University. Some of the advertisement for the applications starts from October, however, most of them are done during January to April. These information will be placed on the notice board for foreign student, and thus please be careful on this.

You can get the detailed information from Association of International Education, Japan (AEIJ).