Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

- Creation of new Scientific Technology and new Industries -

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In this department, research and education are carried out on the design and development of machines and their applications from the synthetic viewpoint by introducing several advanced aspects into the normal mechanical engineering subjects to cope with new industrial technique. The department consists of the following two divisions. 
  • Design Systems Engineering
  • Energy Systems Engineering
Tests of Mechanical Properties for New Materials 
(Universal Testing Machine) 

Roller Tests Simulating Gear Tooth Contact 
(2-Roller-Type Contact Fatigue Testing Machine) 

In-Cylinder flow measurement by Laser Dopplor Velocimetry 

Flow visualization (Streaklines) and numerical simulation (Stream lines) of a flow around a circular cylinder near a plane boundary

- The latest Manufacturing Technology -

Design Systems Engineering Division

The course consists of machine design, tribology, manufacturing technology, strength of materials, engineering materials, mechanical vibrations and control of mechanical systems. 
manufacture and performance of gears 
development of new materials 
nonlinear vibration 

- Effective Use of Energy and its Analysis -

Energy Systems Engineering

 Research activities are focused on the effective use of energy to solve the energy and environmental problems. Analysis of combustion and fluid motion, measurement of flame propagation and gas velocity, wind tunnel testing and numerical simulations of heat transfer and fluid motions are carried out in this division.