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Model Program fot Young Principal Investigators


About our project

Our project “Model Program for Young Investigators” was adopted by the program “Improvement of Research Environment for Young Researchers”, run by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, in 2009. Hence, the University of Miyazaki started the Interdisciplinary Research Organization (IRO) as our tenure track system and employed 10 IRO assistant professors. They conducted their research over a five-year term in an independent environment. IRO made the final evaluation (tenure examination) at the end of the fifth year. Seven IRO assistant professors were promoted to tenured associated professors and were assigned to the related faculties.

As the second stage of our tenure track system, we started the Tenure Track Promotion Program and established the Organization for Promotion of Tenure Track (OPTT) in 2011. OPTT employs young researchers who work as principal investigators and participate in educating graduate and undergraduate students at a related faculty. This project is financed mainly by us and partly by the program “Improvement of Research Environment for Young Researchers.” Based on the results achieved since 2009, we are going to ensure our tenure track system becomes established and reform our personnel system.

Organization for Promotion of Tenure Track (OPTT)


This model program helps young principal investigators to work in their research area, which is fundamental at faculties in the University of Miyazaki.

Details of our program

žThe program is conducted by the Organization for Promotion of Tenure Track (OPTT) of the University of Miyazaki under the strong leadership of the president of the university. The president of University of Miyazaki is the head of OPTT.

  • International recruitment. Female applicants and/or applicants currently residing outside Japan (both Japanese and foreign nationals) will be preferentially appointed.ž   To focus on research, tenure track (TT) staff members will belong to the OPTT, which is an independent entity within the university.
  • Supports for independent research

Tenure track researchers are provided with a start-up fund, annual research fund, research space, and such like.

Mentoring by “troika supporters,” consisting of two researchers selected from faculty members of our university and one researcher outside Japan

Female researchers are supported by the Kiyohana Athena Support Room and foreign researchers are supported by the Center for International Relations.

  • Possible promotion to associate professor or professor positions (fixed terms with possible reappointments in the Faculty of Medicine) in related departments or research centers of the university
  • Interim evaluation in the third fiscal year and final evaluation (tenure examination) in the fifth year


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