Department of Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering,University of Miyazaki

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Name Post Research
OHSAKI Akihiko PhD, Professor 1) Theoretical study on electron-molecule collisions
2) Theoretical study of atomic processes in high density plasmas
3) Quantum mechanical calculation for chemical reaction of 3-atomic systems
YOKOTANI Atsushi PhD, Professor 1) Material processing using vacuum ultraviolet radiation
2) Development of a new technique for analysis of trace amount organic impurities
3) Formed short pulse laser and their application
4) Development of a new fabrication technique for fiber bragg grating sensors
MAEDA Kouji PhD, Professor 1) Optical characterizations of X-ray fluorescent materials
2) Structural characterizations of semiconductor thin films by Raman scattering and X-ray diffraction methods
3) Mechano-luminescence of rare earth doped oxides
YAMAUCHI Makoto PhD, Professor 1) Gamma-ray Bursts with multi-wavelength observation
2) Observational study on active galactic nuclei
3) Development of X-ray detectors onboard satellites
YOSHINO Kenji PhD, Professor 1) Development of compound semiconductor based solar cells
2) Development of dye-sensitized solar cells
3) Development of transparent conductive oxide materials
FUKUYAMA Atsuhiko PhD, Professor 1) Development of high-sensitive investigation method of deep defect levels in semiconductor using nonradiative transition
2) Development of contactless investigation method of photovoltaic performance of solar cell materials
3) Optical and electrical properties of photovoltaic materials, such as a-Si, micro-c-Si, and diamond-like carbon, III-V-N for multi-junction solar cells
4) Carrier transport properties in quantum well and super lattice structured semiconductors
MORI Koji PhD, Associate Professor 1) Observational study of high-energy astronomical objects with both ground-base and space-borne detectors
2) Development of cosmic-X-ray detectors onboard satellite
SUZUKI Hidetoshi PhD, Associate Professor 1) Fabrication and characterization of new materials for super high efficiency multi-junction concentrator photovoltaic
2) Crystal growth of III-V compound semiconductor alloys on Si substrates
3) Crystal growth of dilute nitride thin films by the atomic layer epitaxy technique
ARAI Masakazu PhD, Associate Professor 1) Study on hetero-epitaxial crystal growth
2) Development of integrated light source for optical sensing
KAMEYAMA Akihiro PhD, Assistant Professor 1) Silica-related glasses
2) Development of photonic crystal fibar sensors
3) Development of a new fabrication technique for fiber bragg grating sensors
YOKOYAMA Hirosumi Assistant Professor 1) Study on mechano-luminescence properties in rare earth doped materials
TAKEDA Ayaki PhD, Assistant Professor 1) Development of radiation imaging sensor based on SOI-CMOS technology
2) Development of cosmic-X-ray detectors onboard satellite
3) Development of physical measurement system
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