Undergraduate thesis
・Preparation of SnO2-based transparent conductive film by spray pyrolysis method
・Performance evaluation of double-sided solar cell installed on the wall
・Temperature simulation in actual operating environment for high power output of in-vehicle solar cell
・Development of analog/gray code converter
・Study on driving evaluation using line of sight at intersections

Master thesis
・Thermoelectric properties of SrTiS3 crystal
・Highly Accurate Output Prediction of Photovoltaic Modules Considering Solar Parameter Changes Due to Atmospheric Parameters and Weather
・Development of analog/digital converter that is not affected by capacitance ratio mismatch
・Study on heartbeat, respiration and body movement measurement system using piezoelectric element and its application

Ph. D. thesis
・Growth and electrical properties of quaternary compound Cu2ZnSnS4 single crystal
・Development of solar concentrators and solar cells to generate electrical energy
・Study on high performance instrumentation amplifier for biological signal processing
・Study on battery-less signal conditioner for a biological signal measurement system using smartphone
・Study on hold error reduction techniques for sample and hold circuits