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Department of Mechanical Design Systems Engineering

Admission Policy - What we look for in students -

The students we look for have who:

  1. are motivated and passionate of becoming engineers who are responsible to contribute to society under global perspectives;
  2. have basic academic knowledge in mathematics and science to study the major subjects;
  3. have excellent communication and language skills in Japanese and English;
  4. are willing to continue their studies and can further their studies alone.

Introducing our Research

Utilization of mechanical vibration

  • Research in materials, design and processing for manufacturing by conserving resources
  • Research in vibration and control on eco-friendly manufacturing systems
  • Research in liquids and heat for manufacturing to conserve energy
  • Research in mechanical agriculture and collaboration
  • Research in mechanical medicine and collaboration

Orientation for new students
The mechanical condition of the femur
in the case of using various prosthesis

Improvement of thermal efficiency
of engine
Beam-down solar concentration system

Principle of beam-down solar
concentration system
Recirculating water tank experiments

Numerical simulation of cavitating
flow in centrifugal pump
Space vacuum chamber for performance evaluation of portotyped microthrusters (small rocket engines)

Presentation by graduating students

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