UoM Signs Comprehensive Agreement with Kadogawa Township

2017/06/06 published

On June 5, 2017, the University of Miyazaki signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with the municipal government of Kadogawa, Miyazaki Prefecture. The previous year UoM and the Kadogawa government launched a research project to showcase the value of the Japanese murrelet bird indigenous to the area as well as another project to convey the diversity of the local sea food. Through these efforts, the partnership between the two sides was strengthened.

The new agreement will strengthen the initiatives to date and also aims for a broader partnership. Plans call for four areas in particular to be the focus of activities during fiscal 2017 (listed bdlow), based on the key concepts of "Polishing the local image," "Conveying Kadogawa's charms to those inside and outside Japan," and "Educating the younger generation."

①   Project to showcase the charms of the Japanese murrelet (Person in charge: Professor Sakamoto of the Faculty of Agriculture)
②   Project to convey the diversity of the local sea food (Person in charge: Professor Murase of the Faculty of Agriculture)
③   Project to use ICT to convey the charms of Kadogawa (Person in charge: Professor Kanaoka of the Faculty for Regional Innovation)
④   Global Camp in Kadogawa (Person in charge: Professor Ito of the Center for International Relations)


写真1 学長と町長UoM President Ikenoue and Kadogawa Mayor Yasuda (right).
写真2 集合写真Group photo.
写真3 事業報告Professor Sakamoto delivers a presentation on activities in Kadogawa.
写真4 会場の様子A view of participants at the event.