Omiya High School "Poster Session" at UoM

2017/06/16 published

On June 13, 2017, a Global Issue Poster Session event was held at the San-San Maru Building on the Kibana campus of the University of Miyazaki. At the event, groups of students from Omiya High School in Miyazaki City made presentations in English detailing their research on various issues related to natural or social science, with a focus on the posters they created. Students from UoM also conducted short presentations to introduce the overseas "Tobitata" scholarship program to the Omiya students.

A total of 79 Omiya third-year students, forming 24 research groups, participated in the poster session. The students were evaluated by around 20 judges, who included 8 international students at UoM, as well as the Vice-President and Director of UoM and other university staff.

In recent years, UoM and Omiya High School have cooperated in a range of areas in relation to Omiya High School's recognition as a "Super Global High School" by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). These efforts are aimed at contributing to fostering global human resources and internationalization and vitalization of the local area.

宮崎大宮1A view of the poster session.
宮崎大宮2Prof. Suiko, Director of UoM, delivers his opening address.
宮崎大宮3Omiya High School students making their presentation.
宮崎大宮4Students making their presentation as the judges and others listen.
宮崎大宮5The "MC" of the event, from Omiya High School, making her remarks in English.
宮崎大宮6Some of the international students who were judges for the event.
宮崎大宮7UoM student Daisuke Kishita explains his overseas experiences to Omiya students.
宮崎大宮8UoM Student Karen Hayashi makes a presentation as an overseas scholarship student.