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Center for Science and Engineering Education

Overview of the Center

Center for Science and Engineering Education (CSEE), Faculty of Engineering at University of Miyazaki, provides an education in the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, and chemistry for students who aim to become skilled engineers and scientists. We believe that engineers of the 21st century must have a wide range of knowledge to complement their specialized field of study. The Center can arrange a course of study that responds to individual needs.

Education Program


  1. Mathematics
  2. Introduction to Mathematics

    Linear Algebra

    Mathematical Analysis I, II, and III

  3. Physics
  4. Fundamental Physics



    Physics for Engineering

    Fundamental Physics Lab

  5. Chemistry
  6. Basic Chemistry

    Experiments in Fundamental Chemistry

Classroom Scene
Fundamental Physics Lab

Remedial Education

Research Areas of Professors

  1. Mathematics Field
  2. Non-linear Partial Differential Equation

    Applied Mathematics

    Mathematical and Theoretical Biology

  3. Physics Field
  4. Nuclear Physics

    Nucleus and Hadron Experiments

    Radiation Physics

  5. Chemistry Field
  6. Functional Material Chemistry

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