Cultural exchange event organized by international students, MUFSA

2023/06/05 published

On Wednesday, May 31, 2023, the quiz event "Find the Faker" organized by MUFSA (Miyazaki University Foreign Student Association) took place at the MER Academy, with approximately 30 participants including international students and Japanese students.

MUFSA, a voluntary group consisting of international students, has faced limitations in its activities due to the worldwide impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions. However, starting from May 2023, as the restrictions have been considerably relaxed, there has been a momentum among international students to resume their activities.


"Find the Faker" is a quiz show where participants try to identify which one of three individuals representing their respective countries is the Faker. It provides an opportunity for participants to have fun while learning about diverse cultures. Let us have words from Josue Rodriguez, the president of MUFSA and the main responsible for the event, "Our first event was a success. My team was up to the challenge despite our number and busy schedule. From now on, many chances to interact with the various communities in the university are in mind. Hopefully, we can keep on growing and encourage even more people to participate."

After the event, some of the participating students expressed their thoughts, such as "It's difficult for me to approach international students on my own, and events like today serve as a great opportunity for interaction" and "I would like to participate in similar international events in the future." These feedback comments reflect the high expectations placed on MUFSA for future endeavors.


As of May 1, 2023, the University of Miyazaki has around 140 foreign students from 24 countries and regions studying there. We have plans to further increase the number of outstanding international students and researchers, aiming to enhance the overall research level of the university and provide a more global learning environment for Japanese students. Additionally, we are committed to strengthening job support for international students who aspire to work in Miyazaki Prefecture and other regions of Japan, contributing to the local community.