Presenting the Honorary Doctorate Degree from the National University of San Marcos to President Ikenoue

2021/10/13 published

On Aug 10, 2021, the University of Miyazaki (UoM) held a conferment ceremony for the honorary doctorate degree which our Peruvian partner university, National University of San Marcos (Spanish: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, UNMSM), presented to our President Tsuyomu Ikenoue.

This ceremony was supposed to be held at UNMSM that determined to present the honorary doctorate degree to President Ikenoue, praising his achievements. However, since there was no opportunity to hold the ceremony at the university in Peru due to COVID-19 pandemic, it was instead decided after receiving items from Peru to hold the ceremony here at UoM.

At the ceremony, Dr. Hiroshi Sameshima, incoming president of UoM and one of the appointed faculty members to UNMSM, presented President Ikenoue the honorary doctorate degree and its medal in the presence of our UNMSM related faculty and international affairs staff. In addition, as this ceremony was recorded and photographed by our staff members, we were able to share it with the Rector and the related people over at UNMSM.

President Ikenoue first began his speech remembering his memorable and fond experiences related to UNMSM; starting with the long relationship with present UNMSM associate professor, Dr. Arturo Ota Nakasone, who was first accepted at our Obstetrics and Gynecology Lab, Graduate School of Medicine as a MEXT international student in 1991, and the expanding relationship interactions with Dr. Ota which resulted in a steppingstone to further expand the collaboration between our universities and faculty members that led to the signing of the inter-university agreements in 2018, a collaborative symposium held in 2019 welcoming the delegation of Rector Orestes Cachay Boza.

After that, he expressed his deepest and warmest remarks and gratitude for the honorary doctorate degree, wishing the development of our joint collaborative research on the virus-related field which they are working on this moment.

Even in this COVID-19 pandemic, UNMSM and UoM will continue academic and student collaboration through online activities to further strengthening our close ties for the future.

President Ikenoue with the Honorary Doctorate Degree and Medal
Ceremonial Photo

With our University Mascot, Mou-kun