Admission Policy - What we look for in students -

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering provides a systematic education consisting of coursework in construction engineering, environmental engineering, and planning to cultivate civil engineers who can plan, build, and manage “social environments that are full of warmth and kind to the earth” from an integrated viewpoint that combines the natural, social, and information sciences. We seek students who have:

  1. An interest in technologies and planning for the construction, maintenance, and repair of civilian/industrial infrastructure (e.g., water supplies, sewers, parks, roads, bridges, and tunnels) that allow coexistence with nature; for traffic and urban planning; and for environmental conservation and waste treatment/recycling;
  2. An interest in civil and environmental engineering disciplines as well as in social issues, and the ability to proactively teach oneself through reading related books and periodicals;
  3. Basic academic skills in the natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry); and
  4. The ability to communicate in Japanese and in English.

Overview of our Curriculum

We aspire to cultivate highly skilled engineers who can contribute to the improvement of social infrastructure while ensuring coexistence with nature. To this end, we offer Japan Accreditation Board of Engineering Education (JABEE) programs for graduates to develop the engineering skills and basic competencies in civil and environmental engineering disciplines shown below. Graduates will acquire:

  1. Engineering fundamentals: knowledge in the natural sciences (including mathematics), communication, self-learning, problem-solving skills, and engineering ethics;
  2. Basic competencies in civil and environmental engineering disciplines, such that they can play an active role in any field therein; and
  3. The ability to sense and understand the needs of society, and to take appropriate actions accordingly.

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