Department of Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering,University of Miyazaki

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Introducing our Research

Solar power generation technologies

 Research on next generation solar power generation systems including the development and tracking of semiconductor solar cells made from new highly efficient compounds. Also, research and development on solar fuel related materials such as new transparent electrodes.

 Japan’s largest 58kW light concentration solar power generation system. The lens concentrates the light and reflects to the solar cell by tracking the sun.

 We succeeded in producing transparent electrodes, which are indispensable for solar cells (also known as solar panels) by using the spray method.

Electronic Material Science and Technology

 We study on the optical properties and lattice defect of materials such as thin layer, insulators, amorphous materials and semiconductor crystals.We also study on the synthesis and evaluation methods of semiconductors using vacuum ultra-violet lights.

 Synthesis of nano-size semiconductor thin film using vacuum ultra-violet light

 Electronic microscope images of zinc oxide (ZnO) nano wire for light emitting diode

Physical Measurement Engineering

Research on theories of energies and scattering of atoms and molecules. Also, Research on various scales of phenomena in high-energy universe.

 The "Cygnus Loop" observed by visible light (left) and X-ray (right). X-ray observation reveals the unexpected side of the universe which is invisible via visible light.

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