About Global Human Resources Development Program


Global Human Resources Development Program is a four-year bachelor program, in which students can obtain a degree of agricultural science from the University of Miyazaki, by completing English-taught courses in the University of Miyazaki and the overseas partner university. Specialized education provides students with courses on “bioresources” and “biotechnology” as compulsory core subjects, and courses on other fields of agricultural science as elective subjects.

New students admitted in April will take courses in general education and courses on the fundamentals of specialized education in the University of Miyazaki until July, and continue these educational courses in Kasetsart University, Thailand for about one and a half years. Then, students who have passed a qualifying examination will return to the University of Miyazaki to take courses in advanced specialized education (including graduation thesis) focusing mainly on “bioresources” and “biotechnology” for two years, and will complete the program and graduate from the University of Miyazaki in March, in four years after admission.



Faculty Department Quota
Faculty of Agriculture
Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
1st year 1st semester, 1st year
1年次 前期 [M]
2nd semester, 1st year
1年次 後期 [K]
2nd year 1st semester, 2nd year
2年次 前期 [K]
2nd semester, 2nd year
2年次 後期 [K]
3rd year 1st semester, 3rd year
3年次 前期 [M]
2nd semester, 3rd year
3年次 後期 [M]
3rd-4th year 2nd semester, 3rd year
3年次 後期 [M]
1st semester, 4th year
4年次 前期 [M]
2nd semester, 4th year
4年次 後期 [M]
4th year 2nd semester, 4th year
4年次 後期 [M]

[M] University of Miyazaki / [K] Kasetsart University

Students from various countries are living in the dormitory for international students, Kokusai Kouryu Shukusya. All rooms are for single use, with a private restroom. There are communal kitchens and community space, where residents can enjoy intercultural exchanges.


Facilities supporting students’ life are available on and near the university campus: bus stop to and from downtown, restaurant, cafeteria, bookshop (co-op store) and travel counter on campus; and supermarket, restaurant and post office within 5 minutes walk from the campus.


University of Miyazaki Library owns a large collection of technical books on agriculture which can be used for research, survey and study. The library has seminar rooms for self-study, meetings and seminars. Almost all buildings of the university are equipped with high-speed wireless local area network which offers a stress-free environment for internet communication.




Chacrit Wattanatam

Have a good time while exchange in Kasetsart University. There are many activities to do in Kasetsart University such as field trip, field expirement and laboratory and huge library! Unlimit your knowledge with exchange program! Come and join us!

Chacrit Wattanatam

Chalinee Tatiyanukul

Join this program and you'll get biosciences knowledge from both University of Miyazaki and Kasetsart University!! You'll also get fantastic experiences such as club activities faculty activities and join the traditional events!! Let's join and be a part of us!!

Chalinee Tatiyanukul

Intouch Lelapiyamit

Agriculture is more than just farming it's developing around our live! Join us today if you want to know more.

Intouch Lelapiyamit



Where is University of Miyazaki? What’s Miyazaki like?

University of Miyazaki is located in Miyazaki Prefecture, southern Kyushu, Japan. Miyazaki has a mild climate throughout the year with many sunshine days. It also has nature rich in variety: sea, rivers, mountains and plateaus.

Thanks to abundant natural resources, agriculture, forestry, livestock production and fishery flourish in Miyazaki as major industries, offering a good environment for studying agriculture.

Miyazaki has many tourist spots, for example, Takachiho Gorge, Aoshima Island and Saitobaru Burial Mounds, which attracts more than 10 million visitors (about 200 thousand foreign visitors) a year.

There are many delicious foods in Miyazaki such as beef, chicken, fish and fresh vegetables. Miyazaki beef is especially famous all over Japan. Please relish the taste of Chicken Nanban when you come to Miyazaki. You will definitely love it.





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