List of Subject

Year Compulsory subjects Elective subjects
1 Advanced Wood Anatomy Essentials of Genetics
Field Practice I of Forest and Environmental Sciences Foundamental Ecology
Field Practice II of Forest and Environmental Sciences Foundamental Microbiology
Fundamental Botanical Science Basic Chemistry
Fundamental Mathematics in Agriculture Fundamental Physics in Agriculture
Introduction to Forest and Environmental Sciences Introduction to Smart Agriculture
Introductory Environmental and Resource Economics
Method of Measuring Environment
Structural Mechanics I
Year Compulsory subjects Elective subjects
2 Dendrology Environmental Remote Sensing
Erosion Control Forest Engineering
Forest Biomass Science Forest Practice at University Forest
Forest Ecology Genetic ecology
Forest Economics Land of Management and Conservation
Forest Mensuration Special field practice of forest and environmental sciences
Hydrology and Meteorology Structural Mechanics II
Timber engineering Survering I
Wood Chemistry Survering II
Tree Ecophisiology
Exercise on Forest Mensuration
Experiments in Wood Chemistry
Practical Work in Woody Plant Anatomy
Surveying Practice I
Surveying Practice II
Year Compulsory subjects Elective subjects
3 Ecological technology for re-vegetation Chemistry of Forest Products
Environmental Materials Conservation and Utilization of Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest
Forest Planning Erosion Control Engineering and Disaster Prevention
Scientific English Farm Land Environmental Engineering
Silviculture Forest Policy
Water Resource Management Forest Protection
Hydraulics I
Hydraulics II
Laboratory Course of Forest Biomass science
Landscape architecture and revegetation
Rural Planning and Engineering
Soil and Water Sciences
Soil Mechanics
Theory on Landscape
Vegetation and Environments
Wood Preservation
Exercise on Forest Planning
Experiment on Environmental Materials
Experiments and Practices in Silviculture
Field practice of plant science
Practice of Forest Civil Engineering
Practice of vegetation survey
Year Compulsory subjects Elective subjects
4 Graduation Thesis Advanced Plant Pathology
Agricultural Soil Science
Fundamental Plant Pathology
Insect Ecology
Integrated Pest Management
Weed Biology and Management