Academic Staff

Teaching Staff and Main Research Interest

Position Staff Main Research Interests
Professor ITO, Satoshi (Mr.) Biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services in forest landscape
Professor KIJIDANI, Yoshio (Mr.) Wood properties and xylem formation
Professor SHIMIZU, Osamu (Mr.) Sediment transport processes in headwater catchments
Professor TAKAGI, Masahiro (Mr.) Forest biogeochemistry
Professor TASUMI, Masahiro (Mr.) Environmental planning and monitoring using satellite remote sensing technique
Professor NISHIWAKI, Aya (Mr.) Applied ecology for ecosystem restoration and ecological farming
Professor FUJIKAKE, Ichiro (Mr.) Forest management and regional forest economy for timber production and environmental conservation
Professor MITSUDA,Yasushi (Mr.) Forest Planning for multiple functions of forest
Associate Professor SAKURAI Rin (Mr.) Forest road planning and forest operations research
Associate Professor SHINOHARA, Yoshinori (Mr.) Hydrological cycle and erosion control
Associate Professor TAKESHITA, Shinichi (Mr.) The evaluation of water and climatic resources in watershed
Associate Professor NAKAZONO, Takefumi (Mr.) Environmentally-friendly structures and environment of agriculture production
Associate Professor HIRATA,Ryoko (Ms.) Wildlife management in forest landscape
Associate Professor TOKUMOTO,Yuji (Mr.)* Plant functions in the ecosystem and applications for the ecological restoration
Assistant Professor TSUYAMA, Taku (Mr.) Forest plant cell biology
*Organization for Promotion of Tenure Track