About CIR

1.Promotion of international academic cooperation

We promote cooperation in academic research with overseas universities, especially universities with existing agreements, and other research institutes.

We coordinate the University of Miyazaki's (UOM) participation in researcher exchange, international collaboration in research, and international symposia.

2.Promotion of international educational cooperation

We promote educational cooperation and student exchange with overseas universities, especially universities with existing agreements. We actively accept excellent students from abroad, and can provide information and support for UOM students wishing to study abroad.

3. International cooperation for developing countries

With the cooperation of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), we address such issues as educational cooperation, health care, aquatic conservation and agricultural development in developing countries.

4. Contribution to internationalization of local community

As the only National University Corporation in Miyazaki Prefecture, we play a central role in promoting international exchange at the local level, in cooperation with local entities.

5. Support for international students and researchers at UOM

The Center offers international students and researchers one-stop service, and can give advice and support on any difficulties being experienced such as learning Japanese, life in Japan and academic studies. We also provide an opportunity for exchange between international and Japanese students.


Vice President(International Relations)/Director of CIR


Specialty Hydraulic Engineering,Coastal Engineering
担当科目 水理学I,沿岸環境防災工学,海岸環境工学特論,Coastal Planning for Disaster Prevention and

Associate Professor

ITO Kenichi

Specialty Geo-environmental engineering, Environmental geology, Risk assessment and countermeasures for water and soil pollution caused by harmful selements,
Duties in charge Japanese language education, Japanese language teachers' training, International students' education and support, Industry-government-academia collaboration project
担当科目 基礎教育科目(国際化入門、国際協力入門、他)、日本語日本事情科目(日本事情概論、他)

Assistant Professor

YANO Yasunori

Specialty Mitigation of drinking water、Environmental engineering
Duties in charge International Cooperation
担当科目 基礎教育科目(国際化入門、国際協力入門、現代アメリカ論、SDGs時代の開発経済学入門)

Assistant Professor

KAWANO Hisashi

Specialty International Relation, International Development, Poverty Reduction, America, China, Development Economics
担当科目 基礎教育科目(国際化入門、現代アメリカ入門、SDGs時代の開発経済学入門)

Program-Specific Professor(B-JET)

TASAKA Shinnosuke

Specialty Industry-Academia-Government collaboration、B-JET Program Management

Program-Specific Lecturer(B-JET)


Specialty Japanese language education、B-JET Program Administrator

Program-Specific Lecturer(B-JET)


Specialty Japanese language education、B-JET Program Administrator

Program-Specific Assistant Professor(B-JET)


Specialty Japanese language education