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Weekly Work Café "Company tour for international students" Report.

On Tuesday, December 20th, Capa+ and GSO took international students to local companies by bus. The participants were 18 students from 10 countries enrolled at 3 universities (University of Miyazaki, Miyazaki International University, and Miyazaki Municipal University).

12月20日(火)、キャパタスとGSOは、留学生(りゅうがくせい)向(む)け企業(きぎょう)見学(けんがく)バスツアーを実施(じっし)しました。宮崎大学(みやざきだいがく)・宮崎国際大学(みやざきこくさいだいがく)・宮崎公立大学(みやざきこうりつだいがく)の3つの大学(だいがく)から、10カ国(こく) 18名(めい)の留学生(りゅうがくせい)が参加(さんか)しました。


We first went to Michimoto Foods Co., Ltd., which manifactures pickles and dried radishes. We visited daikon yagura* and the company's factory, and had lunch at the meeting room with their staff afterwards. We were given an opportunity to directly ask questions of the president. When we were leaving the company, they gave us their pickles products.

*daikon yagura: A temporary tower made of bamboo to dry Japanese radish in the sun, which is only installed in winter.





The second company we visited was Kyoritsu denki seisakusho. This company manufactures and sells electrical equipment. Following a factory tour, we had a meeting session with the foreign employees who were actually working for the company. They told us about their hands-on experiences at the workplace.



Lastly, we went to NIKKISO CO., LTD., a company manufacturing and selling aircraft parts and special pumps for industry. After watching the company introduction video, their staff guided us through the exhibition room and answered many questions coming from the students.



Between visits to each company, the international students had a pleasant time on the bus, introducing each other and enjoying a quiz competition about job hunting in Japan. They were struggling to answer some difficult questions.



This event was covered by the Miyazaki Nichinichi Shimbun and the MRT. Miyazaki Nichinichi Shimbun: Page 19, morning edition, Wednesday, December 21.

MRT News:


We gave the students a rare opportunity to visit local companies in Miyazaki and talk with their workers in person. We have received many comments from the participating international students saying that they had fun. We will continue to hold events like this in the future, so if you could not participate this time, please join us next time.