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"Disaster Prevention Seminar" was held!

On Saturday, June 17, 2023, the "Disaster Prevention Seminar" was held for international students and local residents, with a total of 22 participants including international students and their families, Japanese students, and local residents.


This seminar was held in cooperation with Miyazaki City Hall, JICA Kyushu, and GSO. At first, basic knowledge about disaster prevention and Miyazaki City's disaster prevention apps were explained in English and Japanese.



After that, participants then took turns experiencing three hands-on booths (types of disaster prevention goods and how to use them; hazard maps, evacuation sites, and dangerous areas around the university; and the mechanism of cloud and tornado formation and experiments).



Participants commented, "I had never attended such a seminar on disaster prevention in my home country, so it was very informative.", "I could deepen my understanding of how to be prepared by actually seeing disaster prevention goods and hazard maps." The seminar helped to raise awareness of disaster preparedness through the use of all five senses.



University of Miyazaki will continue to implement various initiatives to enhance disaster awareness and preparedness, not only in cooperation with our current students but also with the local community.If you were unable to participate this time, please make preparations for disaster prevention on a regular basis and actively participate in disaster prevention events held by GSO or Miyazaki City


※Some of the handouts distributed at the seminar are listed below. We hope you will find them helpful in raising your awareness of disaster prevention. All the materials will be posted on Webclass, so please check there.


20230617_ハザードマップで命(いのち)を守(まも)ろう!Protect your life with.pdf


GSO (Kibana Campus)

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