Guide for International Students

Tuition, Scholarship


School expenses are as follows(Tuition and fees are subject to change)

Undergraduate students

Examination fee 17,000 yen
Entrance fee 282,000 yen
Tuition 267,900 yen each semester(535,800 yen yearly)

Graduate school students

Examination fee 30,000 yen
Entrance fee 282,000 yen
Tuition 267,900 yen each semester(535,800 yen yearly)

Postgraduate research students

Examination fee 9,800 yen
Entrance fee 84,600 yen
Tuition(one month)29,700 yen


Examination fee 9,800 yen
Entrance fee 28,200 yen
Tuition(for one credit)14,800 yen

Tuition exemption

Privately financed overseas students may apply for aa waiver of full tuition, 200,000 yen or 100,000 yen.

Scholarship programs

Scholarships for studying in Japan include the Japanese Government (MEXT or Monbukagakusho) Scholarship and a Scholarship for privately financed overseas students.

Japanese Government Scholarships (MEXT Scholarship)

To apply for the MEXT Scholarship, there are two types of recommendations: Embassy recommendation and University recommendation.

Please note that the selection process differs for each.

The amount to be provided is as follows.

Classification Monthly amount
Undergraduate International Students 117,000 yen
Postgraduate Research International Students Postgraduate Research Students 143,000 yen
Masters 144,000 yen
Doctorate 145,000 yen

In addition, international students who receive the MEXT Scholarship are called "Japanese government-sponsered international students".

1.Embassy Recommendation

There is an application and first selection process at Japanese embassies or consulates abroad. The initial selection process consists of a document review, a written language test, and an interview.
Applicants who pass the initial screening will submit a request for acceptance to the university and an application form to the university where they wish to be placed.
The MEXT will conduct a second round of selection based on the results of the first round of selection by the Japanese embassy or consulate, and those selected by the host university will be selected as MEXT Scholarship recipients.
For more information, please contact your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.

(Japanese embassies or consulates abroad)

Japanese versionEnglish version

Applicants who have passed the first round of screening and wish to study at UoM should contact us within the informal acceptance period specified by the Monbukagakusho. It takes about one month to issue an informal letter of acceptance.

2.University recommendation

Universities will recommend to the MEXT those international students at the graduate level who are particularly outstanding and in need of a scholarship, and the MEXT will determine the final successful applicants.Please note the following points when applying.

Scholarships for privately financed overseas students

Scholarships handled by the University are as follows.

(Scholarships handled by the Global Support Office (GSO))

For details, please contact the GSO.

文部科学省外国人留学生学習奨励費給付制度(Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students)

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(Scholarships handled by the Student Service Division)

For details, please contact the Student Service Division.

Student Service Division

※Information about scholarships from private organizations JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT(JPSS) can be obtained here. 


GSO (Kibana Campus)

※If you would like to send an e-mail, please replace (AT) with (@).

Student and Educational Affairs, Student Service Division (Kibana Campus)

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