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持続生産科学教育コース 3年


Sweet potato is a major root crop and is used in diverse usage in Japan. The breeding of sweet potato has mainly been carried out by crossbreeding. It has been known that it takes 7-10 years to produce a new variety by crossbreeding. As another strategy, mutation breeding is considered a method that has the possibility to reduce the breeding period and labor. Among the many mutagenesis, I focused on the method using the heavy-ion beam. That was because heavy-ion beam irradiation can cause mutations with high rates. Elite or mutant lines were screened from the sweet potatoes irradiated with the heavy-ion beam at the experimental field, and the analyses of the selected lines are ongoing.


Since I was an undergraduate, I have been interested in research while working on a graduation thesis. At the same time, I worked as a student researcher in a laboratory. After a year of my master’s course, I kept my mind to go on a Ph. D. program.


I think the role of Ph. D. students in the laboratory is important. My research is also important, but not only that, there are many things that I can help my juniors about their research or experiments. So, I have tried to help them while progressing my research. I think there were things I learned from that. Shortly after I entered the Ph.D. course, COVID-19 spread. And various restrictions have been increased, but I also tried to interact with lab members. Besides, I need to make accomplishments for graduation. Thus, I participated in the conferences and made a presentation, and I also wrote a thesis. Recently, I have been trying to find a place to work after graduation, thinking about my future career.


I was a privately funded student when I started to study abroad in Japan. So, I felt the largest part of the changes is a stable financial status. It was great merit to me to focus on my research and study without worrying about financial problems. Moreover, through the support of research expenses, it was possible to perform experiment comparatively free from the costs. Besides, the JST Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation enabled me to have a more definite sense of purpose and motivation.


At first, I want to build my career while working as a post-doctoral researcher. After that, I aim for an academic post compatible as a researcher and educator. In addition, I want to continue to challenge other plants and research fields to increase my professional fields.



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