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環境共生科学教育コース 2年
Park Ji-Hyeok さん


In the aftermath of volcanic eruptions, the volcanic mountains area often undergoes long-term periods of landscape changes and sediment discharge by debris flows. To understand this phenomenon, our research was conducted on Mt. Unzen, 25 years after the cessation of a volcanic eruption. We installed a monitoring plot in the field for recording debris flows and investigated topographic change using a UAV. Besides, long-term topographical data (aerial laser scanning) and rainfall data were used to analyze the effects of rainfall characteristics and topographic changes on debris flow.


When I was working as a university staff in Korea, I had experience in educational exchange related to natural disasters in Japan. In this exchange program, I realized that Japan is an advanced country in preventing and management to natural disasters, and I became deeply interested in how to prevent and study various natural disasters. Finally, I decided to enter the Ph.D. course in Japan.


In my Ph D. course-life, I take delight in field investigation and analysis in the laboratory. Conducting field surveys of natural hazards in various natural environments and analyzing them in the laboratory has been a great help to my research ability. Also, the periodic laboratory seminars were a good opportunity to improve the deficiencies of my research. Especially, the oral presentations at the conference and participation in international symposiums allowed me to discuss with researchers from various nationalities and institutions, which improved the quality of my academics. I was able to experience a variety of things not only in my research life but also in my daily life. By attending the English-speaking club with Japanese students as an English teaching assistant, I was able to build a human- network with not only Japanese students but also graduate students at the same university. Based on the above experiences, my Ph D. life is providing me with positive effects on academic development and personal life.


Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation encourages and supports collaboration with co-workers and me. Practically, it was a great motivation for my research to consider and analyze various aspects of natural hazard phenomena. A mandatory 6-month periodic interim report assists research progress and reminds me of my research. Moreover, the financial support of this program significantly helps to focus on my academic improvement. Therefore, after being accepted into this program, I was able to focus on my research in greater depth.


In the future, I hope I will contribute to the development of Japanese society and science & technology by making the most of my ability and human network in a post-doctor course as well as after graduation Ph D. grogram.



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